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원어민 강사의 추천글 | Greetings from New Teachers! Image
2014-07-11 조회수 : 1932

Hello Korea!

I am Carima. My husband, Thurlo and I are very excited to meet all the awesome students, teachers and parents at Princeton.



I am sure that you have many questions about us and we are happy to share our adventurous stories.

But first, we really want to tell you more about the beautiful country that we come from called South Africa.


South Africa is a very beautiful place.

When I was a little girl, I used to walk to school on the beach and hike up the big mountains. 

Sometimes I would see baboons in the streets. Baboons are big apes.

I also used to see seals and penguins on the beach too. 



The beach is my favorite place but we also have the mountains, wine lands and forests.


There are so many relaxing and special places in South Africa.

If you don’t like nature, we have many awesome malls and lots of cool places to shop at.

It is impossible to be bored! 


There are 52 million people in South Africa.

Many people think that South Africans are black but actually we have many

different races!

We have white, Indian, mixed race and Asian people too!

We are a very diverse country where everyone is welcome!

South Africa is known as a “Rainbow Nation” for this very reason. 

Most of us grow up communicating with different people and often speak many languages.

We have 11 official languages.

Can you imagine speaking 11 languages?!


South Africans love food!

Many of our traditional foods contain meat. One special dish is called “bobotie”. It has lamb meat, spices and rice. It is very yummy!



We love to sing and dance.

There are many bands in South Africa.

One of my favorites is “Goldfish”. My previous Korean students really loved this band! 


South Africa is a place of many colors, delicious smelling food, people singing and dancing in the streets, beautiful beaches and great places to shop.


It is a peaceful and tranquil place and Thurlo and I look forward to sharing more stories about our hometown with you! 




원어민 강사의 추천글 | Malcolm Skinner 선생님 Image
2014-06-08 조회수 : 2037

영어 학원에서 원어민 영어강사들은 아주 중요한 역할을 합니다. 

한국의 한생들에게 언어뿐 아니라 그들의 문화와 생각의 방식등많은 부분에서 영향을 미치게 됩니다.

2006년 프린스턴어학원 개원이래로 원어민 강사들은 프린스턴어학원 원장이 직접 서류전형과 면접과정을 통해 그들의

국적, 성별, 전공분야에 이르기 까지 꼼꼼하게 확인하고 프린스턴의 교육 철학에 가장 잘 부합하는 선생님들을 선발합니다. 

프린스턴 어학원에서 근무 했던 원어민 강사들이 프린스턴 어학원을 추천하는 추천의 글입니다. 




My name is Malcolm Skinner.

Before I came to teach in Korea I reviewed hundreds of jobs and talked to what seemed like an endless number of schools and recruiters looking to find the best job possible.

And eventually I landed upon Princeton with Leo and Jinny.

One of the first things that attracted me to them was their honesty, instead of just saying yes to any question I asked, they were open and frank about what could and could not be provided.

I had read many horror stories of people facing problems in Korea and so was still worried when I boarded the plane.

I can now say after nearly a years teaching at Princeton that its easily one of the best private schools in Ulsan and that me and my partner get treated better than most, if not all, of the other English teachers we have spoken to.

What sets the school apart from the others are the directors, Leo and Jinny.

They are constantly bending over backward to make sure we are comfortable and happy, whilst giving us the freedom to try new things in the class room and be involved in decisions about what and how the children are taught.

This makes the job truly rewarding and entertaining.

Many other foreign teachers are constantly referring to their contracts to ensure their schools honour their promises whilst in our case we have never even read our contract since arriving, as Leo and Jinny have always provided much more than we originally discussed and are always rewarding us when we do a good job.


Some of the other perks of the school are the working hours, class sizes and equipment.

The class sizes range from 2-10 and range from early level English to nearly fluent level teenagers and children.

As Princeton is a well renowned school there are several high-level ‘ace’ students. Having these student means classes can become much more interesting, covering areas such as debate, current affairs, newspapers and recently even a cooking class!

The working hours mean you are free to do what you want with your mornings and lunch times and as Korea is quite a late night environment you still have lots of free time after school for activities, eating out or socialising.

The school has recently installed an AV room meaning you can incorporate video and the internet into your class plans if you want, there is also a projector available for use in the class room. Leo is the resident technical guru and is always helpful for bouncing new ideas you may have for lessons or teaching.


Whilst working at Princeton any issues we have had have been promptly resolved with a minimum of fuss and there were no problems with pay, flights or accommodation.


Ulsan itself is rewarding place to live, at first we were shocked by the size of the city and its urban feel but you quickly realise that there are lots of good places to go near Ulsan as well as lots of fun attractions within the city. It is great to have the benefits of a major city but the prices of the countryside. 


Working for Princeton has been a pleasure and I hope to return one day. The rewards are excellent, however they deserve dedication. If you choose to work at Princeton you will be making a great decision and you should be committed to doing your absolute best. If you are willing to try hard you will be supported, encouraged and rewarded all the way.


Best of luck

Malcolm Skinner-Native English Language Princeton English School 2008-2009

원어민 강사의 추천글 | Gamble Kersey Image
2014-06-02 조회수 : 1887


My name is Gamble Danielle Kersey and I am currently a Native ESL teacher in South Korea.  I work for Princeton English School, a medium-sized, trustworthy academy in Ulsan, South Korea. 

We have 2 Native ESL teachers, and the Korean teachers are young, energetic, well-traveled teachers. 

The atmosphere here is very relaxed, yet productive. You are only required to be a quality Native ESL teacher at a quality academy!

The co-directors are also young, and they have both lived abroad, so they understand the plight of the foreigner. 

In addition to understanding their teachers, they also respect their teachers’ various teaching styles. 

You definitely have the freedom to be creative here! 

Also, they attempt to resolve misunderstandings through mutual respect and understanding: it is even in the contract that they will do this! 

The co-directors will also do their best to work around your requested holidays. 

Finally, they are trustworthy, which is something you should especially consider when making your decision on where to teach.


When considering Ulsan, you should check out the information available online. 

Ulsan is a mid-sized developing industrial city.  Ulsan does not have all of the cultural offerings available in Seoul or Busan, but it is a rather comfortable size. 

You can easily find your way around the city and make friends.  The foreign community is a rather tight-knit group, which can be very helpful when living abroad. 

Whenever you get bored, Busan and Seoul are not too far away for a weekend escape.  Remember: South Korea is quite small, thus every point is extremely accessible! 

I hope this helps you make the best decision you can, and my co-directors and I wish you luck in your decision.

Please contact Princeton English School for more information about this awesome opportunity!

Best wishes!



Native ESL Teacher Gamble Danielle Kersey, B.A. Indiana University, Indiana, U.S.A.

Co-director Leo, B.A. Business Administration, M.A. Applied Linguistics, Adelaide University, Australia

Co-director Jinny, M.B.A. Ulsan University, Korea


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